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Our proprietary software comes in three different versions. LeakTek comes standard with each of our leak detector products. You can read more about each software package below.

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Our Leak-Tek© program provides the end-user with a Microsoft Windows based program to perform data collection as well as IGLS setup and calibration.

Leak Rx

Leak-Rx©, a MS-Windows based program developed at ATC, is a US-FDA 21CFR Part 11 compliant version of the Leak-Tek© software. Leak-Rx© is setup with a protected database and is essentially a user friendly data acquisition, analysis and monitoring platform that tracks user actions within the software. Leak-Rx© is a system that can only be used to configure sensors that are coupled with the software with an encrypted key.

Adaptive Test

ATC’s patented Adaptive Test feature enables the Intelligent Gas Leak Sensor (IGLS) to learn parts signature and dynamically accepts or rejects the unit under test based on statistical consideration. The IGLS adapts by learning the behavior of a group of parts, using statistical functions to accept or reject a part in real time. By anticipating the part’s behavior, the IGLS can determine the pass or fail status of the part before the test is completed or continues with the test if the part is marginal. This feature further reduces average cycle time, making the cycle time significantly shorter by 25-40% which increases overall throughput.

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