HiCube S80

With thousands of HiCube Eco turbopump stations in use, Pfeiffer Vacuum has expanded the product line with the HiCube S80. It combines a HiPace turbopump, integrated display and a 6 m³/hr. HiScroll backing pump. The package is simple to use yet provides robust high vacuum performance with long maintenance intervals. The HiCube S80 is designed for applications that demand ultra-high vacuum and high gas throughput.


*Only Available in North America*



  • Reliable and robust HiPace turbopump technology
  • Oil-free and quiet HiScroll with IPM synchronous motor
  • Fully functional control panel with over 100 parameters for control and display
  • Lower CoO and maximum uptime using automatic control of HiScroll pump speed
  • Scroll pump gas ballast and turbopump gas purge for challenging applications
  • Boost mode to shorten pump down-time
  • Quiet operational mode for noise sensitive UHV applications
  • 1 year warranty



  • HiPace 80 N2 pumping speed: 67l/s N2 pumping with DN63 inlet flange
  • HiScroll pumping speed: 6.1m3/hr
  • Base pressure: < 10-10 hPa with a CF type flange
  • Total rated power consumption: 5A (120VAC – 60Hz)



  • Full range gauge: A highly recommended option which allows the user to display pressure reading on the system controller screen.
  • Flanges: The system can be configured with an ISO-K, ISO-KF or an ISO CF-F inlet flange.
  • Electromagnetic foreline valve: Add a layer of protection to keep your chamber under vacuum by installing an electromagnetic foreline valve between the scroll pump and turbopump.
  • Turbopump automatic vent valve
  • Rolling casters: Add onto the base frame for ease of mobility