ASM 306 S

The ASM 306 S is designed for fast, repeatable measurements to increase productivity and enhance your level of quality in an industrial setting using Helium or Hydrogen as a tracer gas.

A compact unit combined with an ergonomic sniffer probe

Based on over 50 years of know-how in leak detection, you get the advantages of a proven technology in regard to sensitivity, accuracy and repeatability. Co-designed with the end-user in mind, the ergonomic sniffer probe allows for ease of use ensuring no leaks go unnoticed. The main display provides all necessary information for testing and this test information is also available directly on the probe. Colored LEDs work in real time with the test parameters for easy visual test representation.


User-Friendly, Rugged Design

Close attention to detail was placed on the robustness of the entire unit to provide you with a full-time sniffing unit at a low cost of ownership. Additionally, the aesthetics of the ASM 306 S  has been completely revised when compared with existing detectors already on the market. The overall footprint was optimized to make the ASM 306 S a compact leak detector for easy integration into existing product lines or portability.



  • Versatile using Helium or Hydrogen testing capabilities
  • High Sensitivity (10-7 mbar l/s range) for precise and accurate measurements
  • Fast leak testing and easy recovery in case of contamination
  • Robust, high flow sniffer probe with various hose lengths
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Intuitive menu, large touch screen for easy operation


The NEW ASM 306 S is expected to be available from April 2020.

Additional information about our new leak detector can be found in our brochure.