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Dear valued customer-

The Pfeiffer Vacuum team wishes that you are safe and healthy during this unprecedented challenging time. We understand there are a lot of uncertainties during this time and there have been many questions from our customers about our operational status during the pandemic. Pfeiffer Vacuum is a critical supplier to many essential businesses such as medical devices, medical research, microelectronics, telecommunications, aerospace and defense related industries. Therefore, it is critical that we stay operational during this difficult time.

Please be assured that the health and safety of our employees is our top priority. We have taken additional measures following the CDC guidelines to minimize the potential risk of exposure through multiple actions. This includes additional facility sanitation cleanings, employees working from home offices, split shifts for production, social distancing and avoiding employee gatherings in common areas.

If you have any vacuum technology requirements our sales, customer service and service center employees are ready to support you during normal business hours.

We will perform our best to continue the supply of our products and services without disruption. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Thank you for your trust in Pfeiffer Vacuum.

The Pfeiffer Vacuum Team