Custom Leak Test Stations

For more than 25 years ATC’s production test systems have operated reliably all over the world serving numerous industries. ATC can build custom stations to integrate directly with your existing equipment or as a stand-alone independent cell. We offer fully automated systems, production cells or manual systems. Unlike other machine builders, our A2LA accredited and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified standards lab will perform full system calibration on ATC’s custom leak test stations.

Leak & Flow Test Stations (Automated or Manual)

  • Leak test using ATC’s patented micro-flow instruments and test methods.
  • Inline leak test stations for automatic production lines
  • Batch audit systems for offline or inline production leak testing
  • Testing components and assemblies under air pressure (to 2100 psig).
  • Testing components and assemblies under vacuum using our patented Mass Extraction Technology (components can be pressurized to ultra high pressure).
  • Closure Integrity Test Systems (pharmaceutical, food, and electronic applications).
  • Leak Testing with Helium (tracer gases) in hard vacuum and accumulation modes.
  • Special seal design for tough applications.
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Helium (Hard Vacuum) Leak Test System
Fuel Filler Tube Leak Test System
Camera Leak Test System (Mass Extraction)
Dual Clutch Housing Robotic Leak Test System
Pharmaceutical Container Closure Integrity System
Clutch Housing Leak & Flow Test System

Mass Extraction Leak Test Stations

Testing small to medium sized electronic components to meet IP67 and similar requirements.

Blockage / Critical Diameter / Resistance to Flow Test Systems

  • Uses ATC’s precision instruments to measure that flow path maintains its critical flow diameter without constrictions and blockage. Constrictions as low as 5% of diameter can be quickly and easily measured.

Flow Benches

  • Air flow benches (valves, compressors, regulators, controls).
  • Liquid flow benches (valves, pumps, regulators, controls, injectors).

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