Leak Testing Services

ATC offers many leak testing products but did you know we also offer leak testing as a service? Many of our applications call for the use of a custom manufactured chamber. For this reason it is sometimes necessary that parts get tested in our lab. This helps us determine not only part dimensions but also allows us a chance to create test limits. Other times it may not be worth the capital investment in purchasing leak testing equipment becasue the sample size is small. Below are a few instances where we have tested samples in house.

  • Pilot Production Runs
  • Small Production Runs
  • Nondestructive CCI testing of medical packaging. Using ATC’s micro-flow technology in compliance with ASTM, SAE and USP specifications
leak test services
  • Testing using helium mass spectrometers utilizing hard vacuum, accumulation and sniffing modes
  • Periodic calibration and support services of ATC products either at ATC or on site
  • CCIT specification development testing and consultation.

Furthermore, tightness requirements and testing methods are not mandated for all medical packaging. However, regulatory bodies require more than ever that adequate testing ensuring the sterility. Not only the sterility of the packaging but also for the safety of the patients. The manufacturer is responsible for establishing test method protocols. This responsibility can seem burdensome and daunting but ATC can help. We handle these situations on a regular basis and can help make that responsibility more of a breeze.

The basis for CCIT specification recommendations include but are not limited to the following:
  • USP 1207
  • PDA Guidelines
  • ASTM Specifications
  • Small Batch Studies
  • Test Method Validations
  • Extensive CCIT Experience
Note that ATC can conduct the broadest range of leak testing technology including:
  • Micro-Flow Pressure and Vacuum Air Leak Testing
  • Mass-Extraction Vacuum Air Leak Testing
  • Optical Emission Spectroscopy (AMI 1000)
  • Helium Mass Spectrometers for MALL Testing (ASM 2000)

AMI 1000

With the AMI 1000, products can be sampled directly from the production line…

ASM 2000

The ASM 2000 is a comprehensive solution completely adapted to the needs of pharma customers.

ATC’s broad range of products and services deliver a complete leak testing solution. This ensures you are getting the most unbiased recommendation among leak testing manufacturers. Contact Us today to get started.