How it Works

Micro-Flow Technology

What It Does

Micro-Flow measures the “make up flow” to hold constant pressure. This translates to the leak flow rate.

The Intelligent Gas Leak Sensor (IGLS) operates in the viscous and slip flow regimes:

  • Sensors with a full scale as low as 0.025 cc/min (~4×10-4 cc/sec.)
  • Measures Volume Flow, Pressure and Temperature
  • Any Momentum loss will cause electrical signal loss proportional to the vlow volume (cc/min)

Why It’s Better

  • Faster leak test
  • Stable measurement, environmentally (temperature) insensitive
  • Sensitivity – Replaces helium with air testing
  • No Vacuum Required
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple Equipment Setup
  • Direct Measurement – Does Not Require Frequent Calibration
  • Measurement is NOT sensitive to part volume
  • Can test multiple parts with one instrument (Requires Sorting Option)