Custom Tooling

ATC can provide you a complete solution for your leak testing needs. Along with proprietary air leak testing instruments we offer custom tooling. Our in-house machine shop builds the pieces essential to your application. This helps reduce lead time and allows us to create custom applications specific to your needs.

We have experience designing and manufacturing tooling for a wide range of industries. These include Pharmaceutical, Automotive, HVAC and Consumer Electronic industries.

With an expansive library of custom tooling we can optimize the vacuum or pressure chamber needed for your test purposes. The chamber can integrate into either an automated production line or for manual use in a lab.

custom tooling chamber

Figure 1: Sample vacuum test chamber that will fit various sizes.

Testing must sometimes take place outside a chamber or the unit under test cannot fit inside a chamber. For example, fuel line assemblies or oil pans with several openings. For this we can provide high tolerance tooling to locate products on a test setup. The system can then use a variety of tools to seal all open ports on the unit under test. We can complete this procedure using automation or by human interaction.


With automated processes we can create custom tooling to reduce tool change downtime. Increasing throughput and in turn saving you money. A custom design takes the guess work out of the test, ensuring you get a good measure value for each part and an increase of confidence in your product.

To view an example of our custom automated system Click Here