Automotive Fuel & Brake Leak Testing

Leak testing of automotive components has become challenging due to more demanding leak tightness specifications while still maintaining the simplicity of operation and cost. ATC's services and vast experience covers all areas of production from developing leak testing specifications and testing services to micro-flow based instruments and complete leak testing turn key solutions.

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Fuel & Brake Systems Leak Testing

Whether it is newer emission and safety specifications or tighter OEM specifications, ATC has extensive knowledge in the automotive industry. We've even helped develop some of these specifications for fuel and vapor components.

Fuel Systems and Components

  • Fuel line assemblies
  • Vapor line assemblies
  • Fuel flanges
  • Canisters
  • Connectors, valves, sensors & components
  • Fuel rails
  • Fuel tanks (Plastic fuel tanks, consult ATC)

Brake Systems and Components

  • Master cylinders
  • Slave cylinders
  • Jounce lines
  • Brake lines (Rigid and flexible)
  • Sensor valves & components

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Innovative Leak Testing Using Advanced Micro-Flow Technology Since 1995

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