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ASM 306S

Full-time sniffing applications at your fingertips with the new generation Helium / Hydrogen sniffer leak detector.

Products for every application

With over 30 years of leak testing experience we can create a solution for even the most difficult of applications. Get started by visiting our application portal to determine which instrument will work best for your application.

Features of Micro-Flow

ATC uses Micro-Flow technology as an alternative to other leak testing technologies. Removing the need for tracer gas while maintaining quick test times and accurate results.

Direct Leak Flow Measurements

ATC's Micro-Flow Leak Measurement systems
ensure accurate leak rate measurements

Minimally Effected by Environmental Changes

Greatly reduces false positivites from
environmental changes

Non-Destructive Testing

Keep your product intact during testing
to reduce waste

Test with Air

No tracer gas required to achieve high sensitivity

Daily Calibration NOT Required

All of our products are calibrated prior to shipping


Saves time and money by reducing
false failures

Simple to Use

Simple touch screen interface

Non-Restrictive Part Size

One setup can test multiple different sized parts,
reducing changeover down time.

High Accuracy

Allows for custom pass/fail tolerance thresholds
for higher yield without risk of passing bad parts

Speed of Test

Fast test times when compared to
other testing methods