Model VE*

Our compact, low cost Mass Extraction unit for vacuum applications.

*Note: Production of the Models E and VE has discontinued, and they are no longer being offered for new orders. ATC will continue to support current systems installed in the field. Please review the Model E2, VE2 and E-PDQ as substitutes offering similar capabilities for your application. Contact ATC with any questions regarding the phase out of the Model E and VE.

Product Usage

  • Leak Testing under vacuum (2 psia to barometric pressure)
  • Mass Extraction Tests
  • Leak rates of 5×10-4  sccs
  • Small to medium sized parts


All products ship fully calibrated. No daily calibration required.

Product Specifications

Dimensions & Access:

  • 12”W, 11.5”H, 12”D (Does not include connectors & fittings)
  • Expansion tank and pressure regulators are externally mounted


  • Dry, clean gases: air, nitrogen
  • For other gases, contact ATC

Applicable Micro-Flow Sensors:

Connections, I/O, & Power

  1. Pneumatic connections:
    Test Ports
    Air supply: ¼”Swagelok
    (On side of instrument)
  2. RS232 Serial Interface
  3. Digital Inputs: 5 VDC, NPN Opto-Isolated for start, stop, type, pressure switch, verify
    Digital Outputs: 30 VDC-20 mA, NPN,
    Opto-isolated for pass, fail, clamp, test type, exhaust and custom
    Analog outputs: single channel, 0-5 VDC pressure control
  4. Power Supply:
    220VAC-50Hz (optional)

Connection Layout:

Model-VE ConnectionsClick image to enlarge.