Model ME3

The Model ME3 is an in-line high speed container closure integrity testing unit that utilizes ATC’s Mass Extraction technology (vacuum). Built for high-speed production lines capable of detecting a fraction of a micron defect size, or high speed production up to 120 ppm with multiple stations.

Product Usage

  • Multiple instruments for high speed production lines (up to 120 parts/minute)
  • Testing of small components from 10-7scc/sec range
  • Slip and viscous flow regime (2 psia to barometric pressure)- leak tightness from 1×10-4 sccs at 2 psia; or
  • Hard vacuum – molecular flow (less than 0.1 psia)- leak tightness from 5×10-7 sccs AIR at 0.02 psia
  • Mass extraction tests at lower instrument cost compared to off-line tests
  • Cleanroom or industrial applications
  • Ethernet interface to simplify integration
  • Container Closure Integrity Testing  (CCIT) for package leak testing


  • Designed to be part of a rotary or linear continuous operation system
  • Micro-Flow Sensor – The Intelligent Gas Leak Sensor (IGLS); or
  • Molecular Flow Sensor – The Intelligent Molecular Leak Sensor (IMFS)
  • Automated vacuum test circuit, uniquely designed for ultra-tight leak test
  • High speed evacuation circuit, for in-line process testing, where short test time are required
  • Large leak and fine leak tests
  • Stainless steel enclosure with measurement circuit- can be part of a moving station (eg. dial table, up and down movements)
  • Displays real time of pressure, flow test messages
  • Separate controller box can support up to 5 instruments
  • Slave to a remote PLC/PC
  • Ethernet IP interface
All products ship fully calibrated. No daily calibration required.

Product Specifications

Dimensions & Access:

  • 6 3/4″ x 11 1/8″ x 22 1/4″


  • Dry, clean gases: air, nitrogen
  • For other gases, contact ATC

Applicable Micro-Flow Sensors:

  • Vacuum Sensor: Sensor IL2-M, calibrated from 2 psia (slip and viscous flow regimes)
  • Hard Vacuum Sensor: Sensor IMFS, calibrated from 0.01 to 0.2 psia (Molecular and transitional flow regimes)