Model ME2

The Model ME2 is a Mass Extraction test instrument using AIR for applications replacing Helium testing. Designed for medium size parts with higher throughput, this instrument is offered for cleanroom or industrial applications.

Product Usage

  • Leak testing under vacuum
    • Slip and viscous flow regime (2 psia to barometric pressure)
    • Leak Tightness from 1X10-5 sccs at 2 psia (1 µm defect size); or
    • Hard vacuum – Molecular Flow (less than 0.1 psia)
    • Leak Tightness from 6X10-7 sccs at 0.02 psia (0.1 µm defect size)
  • Mass Extraction tests
  • Medium size parts, higher throughput
  • Cleanroom or industrial applications
  • CE approved


  • Micro-Flow Sensor – The Intelligent Gas Leak Sensor (IGLS); or
  • Molecular Flow Sensor – The Intelligent Molecular Leak Sensor (IMFS)
  • Automated vacuum test circuit, uniquely designed for ultra-tight leak specification
  • Built in Balance and Quick Evacuation circuits
  • Frontal graphical display with touch screen
  • Built in verification orifice (equivalent channel or diameter) and valve
  • Digital and analog I/O Interface
  • Ethernet or serial interface
  • Stainless steel enclosure for cleanroom
  • Various sizes of Oil-less vacuum generation and control packages available
  • Optional test cart with vacuum generation and control packages
All products ship fully calibrated. No daily calibration required.

Product Specifications

Dimensions & Access:

  • 17”W, 24”H, 19”D (Does not include connectors & fittings)
  • Optional Cart Size: 28”W, 47”, 20”D
  • Vacuum generation and control package are externally mounted on optional cart


  • Dry, clean gases: air, nitrogen
  • For other gases, contact ATC

Applicable Micro-Flow Sensors:

  • Vacuum Sensor: Sensor IL2-M, calibrated from 2 psia (slip and viscous flow regimes)
  • Hard Vacuum Sensor: Sensor IMFS, calibrated from 0.01 to 0.2 psia (Molecular and transitional flow regimes)

Connections, I/O, & Power

  1. Digital Inputs: 5 VDC, Opto-Isolated for start, stop, type, pressure
    switch, verify. Digital Outputs: 30 VDC-20 mA, opto-isolated for
    pass, fail, clamp, test type, exhaust and custom
    Analog outputs: single channel, 0-5 VDC pressure control
  2. Pneumatic connections:
    Test Ports
    Air supply: ¼” Swagelok
    Vacuum: 3/8” to 1” NW
    (Application dependent)
  3. RJ45 Ethernet or RS232 Serial Interface
  4. Power Supply:
    220VAC-50Hz (optional)

Connection Layout:

Model ME2 ConnectionClick image to enlarge.