Container Closure Integrity System
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Packaging Solutions for Container Closure Integrity

Mass Extraction has been recognized worldwide as one of the most sensitive, robust and reliable testing technologies. Utilizing our Mass Extraction Technology, this unit is specialized for nondestructive container closure integrity testing (CCIT) for pharmaceutical packagingmedical device packaging, and food & beverage containers. Our Mass Extraction solutions help you comply with US FDA requirements for sterile products and other industry requirements for preventing moisture and oxygen ingress or hazardous material spills.

Product Usage

  • Nondestructive Air Mass Extraction Closure Integrity testing for:
    • Pharmaceutical blister packs, prefilled syringes, pouches, vials and more
    • Medical devices for porous and non-porous packages
    • Beverage packaging (bottles, cans, cartons, etc.)
    • Food – flexible and rigid packages
  • Fully automatic leak testing under vacuum
  • Accommodates very large defect (to detect open package)
  • Large defect and fine defect test features
  • Leak Tightness from 1×10-5 sccs at 2 psia (1 µm defect size); or
  • Leak Tightness from 6×10-7 sccs at 0.02 psia (0.1 µm defect size)
  • Cleanroom or industrial applications

ME2 Packaging Test Fixture
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  • All ME2, ME3, and VE2 basic features
  • Large leak strain measurement for flexible pouches
  • Automated vacuum test circuit, uniquely designed for ultra-tight leak spec.
  • Proprietary design for very large leak detection, for headspace of 0.4 cc and larger
  • Stainless steel chamber, optimized for package type, protects package from over expansion
  • Ergonomic design, manual or fully automated parts loading/unloading
  • Rugged design, very simple to operate
  • Includes SS Vacuum chambers and test cart
  • Pass/Fail, with automated test data acquisition
  • Micro-Flow Sensor – The Intelligent Gas Leak Sensor (IGLS)
All products ship fully calibrated. No daily calibration required.

Product Specifications

Dimensions & Access:

  • 17”W, 24”H, 19”D (Bench top size does not include connectors, fittings or chamber)
  • Optional Cart Size: 28”W, 47”, 20”D
    • Vacuum Chamber: Stainless steel with volume fillers / flexible part support
    • Expansion tank, vacuum generation and control package are externally mounted on optional cart


  • Dry, clean gases: air, nitrogen
  • For other gases, contact ATC
  • Non-corrosive to stainless steel

Applicable Micro-Flow Sensors:

  • Vacuum Sensor: Sensor IL2-M, calibrated from 2 psia (slip and viscous flow regimes)
  • Hard Vacuum Sensor: Sensor IMFS, calibrated from 0.01 to 0.2 psia (molecular and transitional flow regimes)
  • Large Leak Strain Measurement option (available only for this product)

Connections, I/O, & Power

  1. Digital Inputs: 5 VDC, Opto-Isolated for start, stop, type, pressure
    switch, verify. Digital Outputs: 30 VDC-20 mA, opto-isolated for
    pass, fail, clamp, test type, exhaust and custom
    Analog outputs: single channel, 0-5 VDC pressure control
  2. Pneumatic connections:
    Test Ports
    Air supply: ¼” Swagelok
    Vacuum: 3/8” to 1” NW
    (Application dependent)
  3. RJ45 or RS232 Serial Interface

Connection Layout:

img09-bigClick image to enlarge.