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Thermal Cycle Test Stands

Thermal Cycle Tester VAL24-2ATC’s Thermal Cycle Tester is used to thermally cycle products between hot and cold temperatures for accelerated durability tests. Components tested are automotive and aerospace heat exchangers and components, hardware and metering products.

The thermal cycling is achieved by alternating fluid flow from hot and cold sources. The Thermal Cycle Tester is a PC based system, utilizing ATC’s Thermo-Cycler program with precision measurement and control of temperature, flow and pressure. Thermal Cycle Tester is designed for around the clock, fully automated testing. Each cycle graphically displayed and monitored to be within specification. Cycles’ quality is automatically controlled.

The Thermal Cycle Tester includes multiple stations and a unique leak testing which enables detection and isolation of a leaking station, when leak rate is under 5 cc/min.

The figure above is ATC’s Radiator Thermal Cycle Testers with 8 test stations. Hot temperature is used via high power electrical heating, to 300° F. Cold source can be plant-chilled water (to 50° F) or a built in multi-stage refrigeration unit to 10° F. Each station includes precision temperature sensors, flow sensor and pressure sensors along with unique flow controllers.

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