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SAE Fuel Committee Releases New Standard: SAE J2973

ATC is pleased to announce the SAE Fuel Committee’s release of the new standard for fuel components and systems leak testing standard: SAE J2973. ATC commends two of our team members for participation in helping to prepare this standard: Hemi Sagi, who chaired this standard committee and Larry Bishop, who contributed his vast experience in this field to the committee. It is anticipated that in the future this standard will replace parts of existing standards such as SAE J2587 and SAE J2045 that cover leak testing.

Fuel Components and Systems Leak Tightness Specifications and Test Practices (or Methods). SAE J2973_201402

This SAE recommended practice specifies a standard geometry leak channel to set the leak threshold and compare results from a variety of leak test technologies and test conditions. This practice applies to fuel system assemblies and components which have a risk of allowing regulated fuel or fuel vapors to continuously escape to atmosphere. A component or assembly tested to this standard has a zero HC leakage threshold because the selected leak channel (Equivalent Channel) will self-plug and will not emit measurable hydrocarbon liquid or vapors. Therefore this standard eliminates leaks as a source of evaporative emission. This practice was primarily developed for pressurized and non-pressurized fuel systems and components containing liquid hydrocarbon based fuels.