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Pressure Cycle Test Stands

BDT10-webATC’s Pressure Cycle Testers are used to perform durability tests for components exposed to rapid pressure changes, such as automotive heat exchangers, powertrain components, and hydraulic components.

The Pressure Cycle Testers are multi-station, PC controlled and fully automated systems designed for unattended testing around the clock. Three pressure waveform generation techniques are offered:

  • Air over liquid or high pressure air.
  • Hydraulic pressure control.
  • Back-flow control.

Each pressure wave is monitored for its quality, and registered. Automatic pressure waveform control along with temperature control to heat up the liquid is applied.

Each system includes automatic detection of leakage and automatic isolation of a leaking test specimen. ATC’s P-Cycle PC program offers well developed operator interface with high speed Data Acquisition System (DAS).

The figure above is ATC’s Radiator and Heater Core Pressure Cycle Tester, here using air over liquid electronic pressure generator. Pressure waveform frequency is 1 Hz or lower, programmable pressure range: 0-500 psig, temp. up to 300° F.

This is ATC’s Powertrain Components and Heat Exchanger Pressure Cycling Machine. A dual system machine, includes two independent test chambers, each with multiple stations (6-10) using one high speed, PC based Control and DAS. Programmable pressure range of 0-2000 psig, temperature up to 300° F.

Two-pressure generation techniques are included:

  • Hydraulic Pressure Control – smoother waveform with 1 Hz or lower frequency.
  • Back Flow control, for higher frequency, up to 5 Hz.

Contact ATC with your pressure cycling requirements.