Model IPE

Model IPE is one of our most robust leak testing instruments, designed for demanding applications from high pressure testing to dual channel capabilities where short cycle times are a must.  Its rugged design and measurement sensitivity makes it ideal for high volume, heavy duty manufacturing environments.

Product Usage

  • 1 or 2 of the following tests:
    • Pressure Leak Test from 0.03 cc/min to 500 psig
    • Constriction or Blockage Flow Test, up to 5% part diameter constriction
    • Mass Extraction – vacuum tests from 0.02 cc/min at 2 psia
  • 1 or 2 independent test channels
  • Testing up to two set of parts simultaneously
  • Sort function – testing multiple parts and sorting the rejects. Applicable as the IGLS measurement is not volume sensitive!
  • Large volume parts, complex parts and short cycle time


  • Micro-Flow Sensor – The Intelligent Gas Leak Sensor (IGLS)
  • Single or Dual Test Channels with one or two of the following:
    • Leak Test Channel Pressure Testing: Automated test with large volume Quick-Fill features
    • Constriction / Blockage Flow Channel: with Intelligent Gas Flow Sensor (IGFS) and unique pressure control
    • Vacuum Test Channel: Mass Extraction tests to 2 psia vacuum
  • Optional Sort Test Controller: Leak Test multiple parts, and sorting out the rejected parts.
  • For Each Test Channel:
    • Built in verification orifice (equivalent channel or diameter) and valve
    • Character Display Interface
    • Digital and analog I/O Interface
    • Serial Interface for each test channel
All products ship fully calibrated. No daily calibration required.

Product Specifications

Dimensions & Access:

  • 24”W, 23”H, 12”D (Does not include connectors & fittings)
  • Dual access doors, NEMA 12 instrument enclosure
  • Expansion tank and pressure regulators are externally mounted


  • Dry, clean gases: air, nitrogen
  • For other gases, contact ATC

Applicable Micro-Flow Sensors:

The IPE interfaces the IGLS or the IMFS, which provides the source for measurement and control, for your application. Special vacuum components and valves are used.

Each leak test instrument is set and tested with customer parts (if practical), prior to shipping from ATC, Inc.

Connections, I/O, & Power

  1. Digital Inputs: 5 VDC, Opto-Isolated for start, stop, type, pressure
    switch, verify Digital Outputs: 30 VDC-20 mA, opto-isolated for
    pass, fail, clamp, test type, exhaust and custom Analog outputs: single channel, 0-5 VDC pressure control
  2. Pneumatic connections: Test Ports
    Air supply: ¼” to ¾” Swagelok
    (Application Dependent)
  3. RS232 Serial Interface
  4. Power Supply:
    220VAC-50Hz (optional)

Connection Layout:

ATC Model IPE ConnectionClick image to enlarge.