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FLO-CAL© Portable Liquid Calibration System

Flexible Design To Meet Your Liquid Flow Calibration Requirements. Our FLO-CAL© product line offers you a portable liquid flow calibration system that can be used in your laboratory or plant, with designs for multiple liquids and flow ranges.

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Product Usage

  • Your complete Liquid Calibration solution in the production area or in your lab
  • Rugged, Stainless Steel Mobile Liquid Flow Instrument
  • 0.05% Repeatability, ±0.2% Uncertainty
  • Up to four Flow Standards in automated Flow Manifold
  • Range of Rotary Prover Standards for Hydrocarbon liquids
  • Range of Coriolis and Rotary Prover Standards for water
  • FLO-CAL© Instrument for control and data acquisition
  • Density Measurement and Temperature Compensation
  • Optional Pump module

 System Components

  1. Automatic flow manifold, up to 4 standards
  2. Flow standards rotary prover
  3. Optional pump module
  4. Connecting cable reel
  5. Liquid proof keyboard & drawer
  6. FLO-CAL© instrument removable for transportation
  7. UUT frequency input
  8. UUT analog input
  9. Optional flow / pump control
  10. Stainless steel bench, drip tray
  11. Outlet port
  12. Inlet port
  13. Utility vise
  14. Pump module selector valve
  15. Optional liquid reservoir
  16. Manifold removal access opening
  17. System drain
  18. Inlet filter
  19. Temperature & pressure sensors


General Construction

  • Stainless steel cart with 4 casters (2 fixed, 2 swivel) and handle for mobility
  • Work surface with small vise and fluid inlet / outlet ports
  • Removable FLO-CAL© instrument with view angle adjustment
  • Splash proof keyboard / mouse on a sliding shelf
  • Open frame, lower shelf for mounting the automatic flow manifold system
  • Removable liquid flow manifold system for ease of shipping for off-site calibration
  • Protective bumper around the base of the cart
  • Stainless steel tubing and thermal insulation

 System Components Diagram

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All products ship fully calibrated. No daily calibration required.