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GAS-CAL© Portable Gas Flow Calibrator

Combined Technology for Precision Gas Flow Calibration. The GAS-CAL© instrument has a built-in pressure standard with a PC-based interface with Venturi Nozzles and the IGFS. The GAS-CAL© gas flow calibrator uses multiple technologies for precision gas flow testing, calibration, and analysis in the field, on the shop floor, or in the lab.

Options: Stand Alone Standards or Complete GAS-CAL© System built to meet your specific requirements.

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Product Usage

  • Rugged, PC-based mobile gas flow meter calibrator
  • Up to 6 calibrated flow standards
  • Uncertainty as low as ±0.25% of reading
  • GAS-CAL Instrument with GAS-CAL© Program and Pressure Standard
  • Automatic compensation for gas temperature, pressure, viscosity, compressibility, and specific gravity for high accuracy
  • Supports gas flow ranging from 3 cc/min to 50,000 LPM
  • Helps you meet ISO/IEC 17025:2005, MIL. STD. 45662A, FDA/GMP, and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 calibration requirements

System Components

  1. UUT, electrical output connector
  2. Workbench with vise
  3. Spill proof keyboard
  4. Polished stainless steel cart
  5. Outlet to unit under test
  6. Pressure standard valve manifold, IGFS flow standard
  7. Flow manifold with multiple flow standards thermally insulated
  8. High flow range, critical flow venturi nozzle
  9. PC & data acquisition enclosure, hazardous environment design
  10. Auxiliary inlet
  11. Flow control fine
  12. Inlet
  13. Flow control, coarse
  14. Isolation valve
  15. Medium flow range, critical flow venturi nozzle


Maximum Flow Capacity of System: 50,000 LPM

Flow Standards Configuration:

  • Up to 6 calibrated flow measurement standards
  • Low flow standards are accelerated laminar flow (ALF)(See Flow Sensor specification sheets.) Critical venturi nozzles for high range up to 50,000 LPM
  • Selectable flow units of mass and volumetric measure: cc/min, LPM, L/hr, GPM, cubic meters/hours, g/sec, kg/min, lb/min, kg/hr, and lb/hr

System Components Diagram

GAS-CAL Diagram
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Technologies Used

Critical Venturi Nozzles with GAS-CAL© Instrument for medium to high flow rates, ±0.25% uncertainty.

ATC’s Laminar Flow for micro to medium flow rates, ±0.5% uncertainty.

All products ship fully calibrated. No daily calibration required.