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2017 Trade Shows

  • February 7-9, 2017  MD&M West 2017 Anaheim Convention, Center – Anaheim, CA – Booth 2577
  • September 25-27, 2017 Healthcare Packaging Expo Las Vegas Convention Center – Las Vegas, NV – Booth N-413
  • October 24-26, 2017 The ASSEMBLY Show Donald E. Stevens Convention – Center Rosemont, IL – Booth 1102

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ASTM F3287, developed by Subcommittee 502.40, is an active standard for nondestructive detection of leaks in packages by mass extraction method. The mass extraction method provides a nondestructive means to detect holes or leaks in a variety of non-porous rigid and semi-rigid packages. Use of a physical Container Closure Integrity (CCI) test method for sterile […]

Indianapolis, IN, February 20, 2017 – Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG acquired 100% of the shares of Advanced Test Concepts (ATC), Inc. an Indianapolis, Indiana USA corporation as of February 14, 2017. ATC’s team is looking forward to joining the Pfeiffer worldwide team to enhance both companies’ capabilities and help our customers to ensure that their […]

  ATC, Inc. invites you to attend our complimentary one day Leak Testing Seminar on May 18, 2016. We will be covering the fundamentals of leak testing as well as many other interesting leak test topics. Space is limited so please contact us soon to reserve a spot. The seminar will be hosted at our […]

Package integrity is defined as a package’s ability to prevent product loss, maintain product sterility, and in some cases, prevent oxygen ingress or maintain sub-atmosphere headspace pressures. As a result, container closure integrity testing is an important step in the preparation and transportation of many different products. Unlike other mass produced devices, blood filters, catheters, […]

When it comes to meeting quality measures, manufacturers have a variety of standards from the ASTM, FDA and other organizations that they must meet. Often, these requirements include  a leak testing component. Leak testing methods are recommended for everything from automotive parts to medical devices and pharmaceutical products. However, because there are a variety of […]

A number of industries rely on leak detection equipment and other leak testing services to ensure their products are safe and effective for consumer use: radiators, for example, are subject to a very tight leak specification to ensure that the product does not leak coolant. This can be instrumental in ensuring product quality and consumer safety. However, […]

Leak testing is a process used to detect manufacturing defects which helps verify the integrity of products and improve consumer safety.  For example, the automotive industry consistently uses leak testing to verify that assembly operations were completed properly and subcomponents are leak free.  These leak testing procedures are defined and specified by a variety of […]

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ATC is pleased to announce the SAE Fuel Committee’s release of the new standard for fuel components and systems leak testing standard: SAE J2973. ATC commends two of our team members for participation in helping to prepare this standard: Hemi Sagi, who chaired this standard committee and Larry Bishop, who contributed his vast experience in […]

ATC recently exhibited at the Interphex 2014 show in New York. We demonstrated our ME2 instrument, with the ability to detect a 1 micron defect size and fast testing to detect a 2 micron defect size within approximately 10-15 seconds.  The ME3 can detect this defect size within 5-10 seconds for Container Closure Integrity Testing […]