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Micro-Flow Sensors

patentATC’s leak test instruments and calibration standards are built around our patented Micro-Flow Sensors. The Intelligent Gas Leak Sensor (IGLS™), the Intelligent Gas Flow Sensor (IGFS™) and the Intelligent Molecular Flow Sensor (IMFS™) are a range of revolutionary Micro-Flow Sensors using air for leak testing. The Micro-Flow Sensor is a part of ATC’s complete leak test instrument, and cannot be sold separately for leak testing applications.

The Micro-Flow Sensors offer solutions for complex flow measurement challenges using ATC’s accelerated laminar flow (ALF) technology and design based on Knudsen Flow phenomena. Our Micro-Flow Technology for leak testing and calibration has introduced a new dimension in the area of micro-fluid dynamics.


Leak Measurement Sensors
Sensor Model No. Minimum Flow Range Maximum Flow Range Pressure Range (psia) Applicable for Instruments / Models

* 0.025 cc/min at 2 psia is 5.6×10-5 std. cc/sec

** Lowest capable measurement: 0.05 µg/min of nitrogen is 6×10-7 std. cc/sec

IL2-C 0-1 cc/min 0-500 cc/min 2-500 E-PDQ, E2, VE2, IPE, IPE2, ME2
IL2-L 0-1 liters/min (L/min) 0-25 liters/min (L/min) Barometric-100 IPE, IPE2
IL2-M 0-0.025 cc/min* 0-5 cc/min 2-65 E-PDQ, E2, VE2, IPE, IPE2, ME2, ME3
IL2-KM 0-10 cc/min 0-25 cc/min 2-65 E-PDQ, E2, VE2, IPE, IPE2, ME2, ME3
IL2-HP 0-1 cc/min 0-25 cc/min Barometric-2100 IPE, IPE-HP
IMFS 0-1 µg/min** 0-400 µg/min 0-0.2 ME2, ME3
IF2-HF 0-50 liters/min (L/min) 0-10,000 liters/min (L/min) Barometric-100 IPE, IPE2, Blockage Tests


Flow Measurement Sensors / Standards
Applicable Flow Range (Air)
Flow Sensor Model Min. Max. Measurement Units
IF2-HF 0-50 0-10,000 liters/min (L/min)
IF2-L 0-1 0-25 liters/min (L/min)
IF2-C 0-1 0-500 milliliters/min (mL/min)
IF2-M 0-25 0-1000 microliters/min (µL/min)
IMFS 0-1 0-400 micrograms/min (µg/min)


ATC, Inc.’s Intelligent Gas Leak Sensor (IGLS), Intelligent Gas Flow Sensor/Standard (IGFS), Intelligent Molecular Flow Sensor (IMFS), Mass Extraction Technology and Leak-Tek© Program are proprietary products belonging to Advanced Test Concepts (ATC), Inc. and are protected by existing patents (5,861,546; 6,308,556B1; 6,584,828B2; 6,854,318B2; EP1356260) as well as other US and International patents pending.

Adaptive Test Feature and Set Up Tools are proprietary products belonging to ATC, Inc. and are protected by existing patent (7,231,811B2). The Leak-Tek© Program, Gas-Cal© Program, and Flo-Cal© Program are protected by international copyright laws.