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Micro-Flow Sensors

patentATC’s leak test instruments and calibration standards are built around our patented Micro-Flow Sensors. The Intelligent Gas Leak Sensor (IGLS™), the Intelligent Gas Flow Sensor (IGFS™) and the Intelligent Molecular Flow Sensor (IMFS™) are a range of revolutionary Micro-Flow Sensors using air for leak testing. The Micro-Flow Sensor is a part of ATC’s complete leak test instrument, and cannot be sold separately for leak testing applications.

The Micro-Flow Sensors offer solutions for complex flow measurement challenges using ATC’s accelerated laminar flow (ALF) technology and design based on Knudsen Flow phenomena. Our Micro-Flow Technology for leak testing and calibration has introduced a new dimension in the area of micro-fluid dynamics.


Leak Measurement Sensors
Sensor Model No. Minimum Flow Range Maximum Flow Range Pressure Range (psia) Applicable for Instruments / Models

* 0.025 cc/min at 2 psia is 5.6×10-5 std. cc/sec

** Lowest capable measurement: 0.05 µg/min of nitrogen is 6×10-7 std. cc/sec

IL2-C 0-1 cc/min 0-500 cc/min 2-500 E-PDQ, E2, VE2, IPE, IPE2, ME2
IL2-L 0-1 liters/min (L/min) 0-25 liters/min (L/min) Barometric-100 IPE, IPE2
IL2-M 0-0.025 cc/min* 0-5 cc/min 2-65 E-PDQ, E2, VE2, IPE, IPE2, ME2, ME3
IL2-KM 0-10 cc/min 0-25 cc/min 2-65 E-PDQ, E2, VE2, IPE, IPE2, ME2, ME3
IL2-HP 0-1 cc/min 0-25 cc/min Barometric-2100 IPE, IPE-HP
IMFS 0-1 µg/min** 0-400 µg/min 0-0.2 ME2, ME3
IF2-HF 0-50 liters/min (L/min) 0-10,000 liters/min (L/min) Barometric-100 IPE, IPE2, Blockage Tests


Flow Measurement Sensors / Standards
Applicable Flow Range (Air)
Flow Sensor Model Min. Max. Measurement Units
IF2-HF 0-50 0-10,000 liters/min (L/min)
IF2-L 0-1 0-25 liters/min (L/min)
IF2-C 0-1 0-500 milliliters/min (mL/min)
IF2-M 0-25 0-1000 microliters/min (µL/min)
IMFS 0-1 0-400 micrograms/min (µg/min)


ATC’s Intelligent Gas Leak Sensor (IGLS), Intelligent Gas Flow Sensor/Standard (IGFS), Intelligent Molecular Flow Sensor (IMFS), Mass Extraction Technology and Leak-Tek© Program are proprietary products belonging to Advanced Test Concepts (ATC), LLC and are protected by existing patents (5,861,546; 6,308,556B1; 6,584,828B2; 6,854,318B2; EP1356260) as well as other US and International patents pending.

Adaptive Test Feature and Set Up Tools are proprietary products belonging to ATC and are protected by existing patent (7,231,811B2). The Leak-Tek© Program, Gas-Cal© Program, and Flo-Cal© Program are protected by international copyright laws.