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Leak Testing Services


ATC offers leak testing as a service. Small production runs that require leak testing may not justify the capital investment for owning leak testing equipment. In some cases, having personnel dedicated and trained on leak testing may not be ideal. In these situations, contracting a qualified company to do your leak testing for you may have its advantages.

Our leak testing services include:

  • ATC’s primary gas flow standard lab offers numerous primary standards for micro-flow and flow measurements with 0.2% of reading and higher.
  • Nondestructive Testing (NDT) for Leak/Closure Integrity testing, using ATC micro-flow technology in compliance with ASTM, SAE and USP specifications.
  • NDT testing using Helium mass spectrometers in hard vacuum, accumulation and sniffing modes in compliance with ASTM, SAE, and USP specifications.
  • Nondestructive Testing with Gas Flow measurements, including natural gas, hydrogen and other hazardous gas flow measurements.
  • Ongoing audit leak/closure integrity testing to back up our customers and assist in production and customer returns troubleshooting.
  • Periodic (typically on an annual basis) calibration and support services of our products at your plant floor, throughout numerous service centers.

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