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Our leak testing products, based on our patented Micro-Flow Technology, are designed for testing your applications under pressure or vacuum, which utilizes our mass extraction technique. We manufacture a variety of complete leak test instruments with optional accessories. As a part of Pfeiffer Vacuum, additional leak detection products are available. Learn More


Equivalent Channel

Equivalent channels are calibrated leaks or leak standards that meet the requirements of US-CAR, SAE J2045, SAE J2587 for US-CARB LEV II + PZEV, EURO-5 Hydrocarbon Emission Standards and Major OEM Leak Tightness Specifications.
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Equivalent Channel

Custom Solutions

We customize our leak test instruments to meet your needs whether you need a fully automated turnkey system or manually operated system.
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Custom Test Solutions

How Does It Work?

Micro-Flow Technology introduces a new dimension in leak testing. Unlike pressure decay, it offers a breakthrough in leak testing with short cycle time, temperature stability, and low measurement ranges that could only be achieved with helium mass spectrometry in the past.

Pressure Testing

Pressure measures diagram

Mass Extraction (Vacuum) Leak Testing

Mass Extraction measures diagram