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hvac-2101Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Leak Testing

ATC’s Mass Extraction technology is used to test applications in automotive and commercial/residential HVAC. This leak detection method provides reliable automated leak test solutions using AIR.

Start by converting your refrigerant emission requirement (e.g: 2.8 gr/year of R134A) to practical air leak testing using ATC’s Equivalent Micro-Geometry (EMG) approach to convert the emissions requirement into production leak testing. Once your leak tightness is defined in a generic method, select the proper instrument and test method to proceed with successful applications like many companies have already done.

Our micro-flow technology uses air or nitrogen and has successfully replaced expensive helium mass spectrometry leak test machines and operator dependent air under water tests.

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Where to Start?


Heating and Air Conditioning Leak Testing Applications

  • Complete AC system, leak testing prior to refrigerant charge
  • Compressors and components leak testing
  • Heat exchangers (evaporators, condensers) leak testing
  • Tubing leak testing
  • Brazed assemblies leak and flow testing
  • Appliances (refrigerators, ice-makers) leak testing
  • Components (expansion valves, thermostats, dryers) leak testing
  • Sensors leak testing
  • Radiator leak testing
  • Gas heater leak testing

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Micro-Flow Technology

Micro-Flow Technology introduces a new dimension in leak testing. Unlike pressure decay, it offers a breakthrough in leak testing with short cycle time, temperature stability, and low measurement ranges that could only be achieved with helium mass spectrometry in the past.

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Analyze Your Application

Analyze Your Application

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