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Automotive Powertrain Leak Testing

Leak Testing of Powertrain systems and components has become challenging due to more demanding leak tightness specifications while maintaining simplicity of operation and cost.

ATC’s services and vast experience has been from leak test specification development and testing services, to micro-flow based instruments to complete leak test turn-key machines and solutions.

Leakage and Flow Testing from castings to complete engines and transmission at unprecedented sensitivity and short cycle time while operating in harsh environment is our expertise.

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Where to Start?


  • Prismatic Casting Porosity: Housing and Covers as casted and machined leak and blockage testing
  • Torque Converter leak testing
  • Clutches, Valve bodies leak and flow testing
  • Complete Transmission Leak Testing


  • Casting Porosity: Blocks, Heads, & Covers: casting and machined leak and blockage testing
  • Engine Subassembly: Oil, Water, & Fuel leak testing
  • Components: Pumps, thermostats, valves, Sensors, Control Module leak test
  • High Pressure Fuel Pumps, Rail, Diesel Pumps and components leak testing
  • Turbochargers leak and flow testing
  • Injectors leak testing
  • Crankshaft constriction (blockage) testing Complete Engine Assembly leak testing

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Micro-Flow Technology

Micro-Flow Technology introduces a new dimension in leak testing. Unlike pressure decay, it offers a breakthrough in leak testing with short cycle time, temperature stability, and low measurement ranges that could only be achieved with helium mass spectrometry in the past.

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Analyze Your Application

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