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Automotive Fuel & Brake Systems

Leak testing of automotive fuel and brake components/assemblies is challenging. Whether it is newer emission and safety specifications or tighter OEM specifications, ATC has extensive knowledge and experience in the automotive industry. We’ve helped to develop some of these specifications for fuel and vapor components. ATC Brake System Leak Testing products exceed the requirements of common SAE and OEM requirements, performed at high pressure. Our constriction tests comply to US-DOT requirements.

Our equivalent channels meet the requirements of US-CAR, SAE J2045, SAE J2587, SAE J2973 for US-CARB LEV II + PZEV, EURO-5 Hydrocarbon Emission Standards and Major OEM Leak Tightness Specifications such as Ford ES YU5A-9000AC.

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Where to Start?

Fuel Systems and Components

  • Fuel Line Assembly leak and blockage test
  • Vapor Line  Assemblies leak test
  • Fuel Flanges leak detection
  • Canisters leak testing
  • Connectors, Valves, Sensors, components leak and flow testing
  • Filler Tube assemblies, Capless and components leak test
  • Fuel Rails (fuel and diesel) leak testing
  • Fuel Tanks (small, metal). Plastic Fuel Tanks-Consult ATC

Brake Systems and Components

  • Master Cylinder leak and constriction test
  • Slave cylinders leak testing
  • Jounce Lines leak and constriction testing
  • Brake lines-rigid and flexible leak and constriction testing
  • Sensors valves and components leak testing

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Micro-Flow Technology

Micro-Flow Technology introduces a new dimension in leak testing. Unlike pressure decay, it offers a breakthrough in leak testing with short cycle time, temperature stability, and low measurement ranges that could only be achieved with helium mass spectrometry in the past.

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Analyze Your Application

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