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Other Automotive Leak Testing

Automotive Climate Control, Engine cooling, Electronic and lighting, Chassis Assemblies Leak Detection Applications

Leak testing of automotive systems and components has become more demanding. ATC’s micro-flow and Mass Extraction leak test equipment have met these requirements in hundreds of applications.

ATC works with our customers from help you to define the maximum allowed defect size (diameter and length) using our proven correlation test methods and certified micro-geometries, to  provide you with the complete leak and flow test equipment.

For Automotive AC see HVAC application.

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Where to Start?

Climate Control and Powertrain Cooling

  • Heater core leak testing
  • Tubes, valves leak and flow testing
  • Heating and cooling panel (dash-board) leak and flow test
  • Radiators, Steering and Transmission oil cooler
  • EGR Cooling systems leak detection
  • Pumps, Covers, Thermostats, components and hose assemblies leak testing

Water Ingress Protection (IP) of ELECTRONIC, LIGHTING and OPTICAL Systems and Components

  • Lighting (including LED)
  • Engine Control Module (ECM) leak testing
  • Transmission Control Module (TCM) leak test
  • Cameras and Optical Components
  • Sensors, Harness, Connectors
  • Alternators and starters leak testing

Advance Propulsion System (Electrical Vehicle (EV), Natural Gas, Fuel Cell systems and components)

  • EV Batteries, cells and components leak test (water and moisture ingress)
  • Natural Gas Systems and Components leak test (regulators, valves, hose assemblies and components)
  • Electric drives and Controls leak testing
  • Fuel Cells leak test and flow applications

Automotive Hydraulics (including Steering, power and off-road automotive leak detection applications)

  • Hydraulic pumps and hydrostatic drives leak testing
  • Hydraulic motors leak test
  • Hydraulic valves, components and hoses leak testing
  • Hydraulic Cylinders leak test

Chassis Systems and components (Wheels and rims, shock-absorbers, exhaust, chassis seal)

  • Casted and welded rims leak test
  • Tires and valves leak test
  • Shock absorber and struts assembly and components leak test
  • Exhaust systems and components
  • Chassis Assembly

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Micro-Flow Technology

Micro-Flow Technology introduces a new dimension in leak testing. Unlike pressure decay, it offers a breakthrough in leak testing with short cycle time, temperature stability, and low measurement ranges that could only be achieved with helium mass spectrometry in the past.

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Analyze Your Application

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