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A PC-Based Data Acquisition Program

The Leak-Tek© program, provides the user a Microsoft Windows™ based program to perform data collection, IGLS set up and calibration. An RS232 connection is used for communication using a USB to RS232 cable. Leak-Tek©  has an optional RJ45 connection for Ethernet interface. Minimum PC requirement is Windows 7™ Professional Version.

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Following are some of the program screens:

ATC Leak-Tek Setup Screen
Setup Screen

Set Up Screen

Set up and retrieval of multiple test sequences and parameters for various part numbers. Therefore, a quick change over for short runs is accomplished. Test parameters are stored in the IGLS non-volatile memory. Program can interface to multiple IGLS units (up to 10) which operate independently.





Leak Tek Run Screen
Run Screen

Run Screen

The run test screen enables the user to connect a PC to the IGLS for automatic or manual test data saving. A green or red window indicates pass/fail. If multiple IGLS units are connected, and auto-save option is selected, all units’ test results will be saved. Signatures of leak flow vs. time can be captured.





ATC Leak-Tek Reporting Screen
Reporting Screen

Reporting Screen

The reporting function includes a summary report per part number, and statistical analysis (X-bar, R-chart). Control limits are calculated. Data and graph of current or previous test runs can be viewed.