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GAS-CAL Run Screen
Run Screen

Gas Configuration: The GAS-CAL© is capable of supporting a variety of gases, and each flow standard is calibrated with a specific gas. The GAS-CAL© software supports the storage and retrieval of different gas properties including temperature, compressibility, viscosity, critical flow, and universal gas constants.

Unit Under Test (UUT) Configuration: The GAS-CAL© software provides for the storage and retrieval of information on each gas flow metering device in your facility. This includes UUT ID, units of measurement, type, manufacturer, model, pre-configured test points, previous calibration dates, previous calibration data, and other pertinent information necessary to maintain proper records.

UUT Calibration: Once the operator has entered or selected the UUT to be calibrated, the main calibration screen will be available to review or enter new calibration data. Each calibration screen supports up to 32 flow calibration points. These points are used to accurately map each flow device across the desired range of flow rates. User friendly Windows based software literally prompts the operator through each calibration sequence. Once the flow trend and variation readouts reach stability, the flow rate is electronically captured.

GAS-CAL Calibration Screen
Calibration Screen

Flow Standards: The GAS-CAL© can support up to 6 flow standards, which are used to evaluate the UUT. Each flow standard covers a different range of flow values, providing effective coverage across the total flow calibration range of the GAS-CAL©. However, at calibration time, only one flow standard is used to capture the steady state flow. This feature allows for the maximum possible accuracy available from the GAS-CAL©.

Automatic Error Compensation: As can be expected, test gases and other system components can actually add undesirable variables to an otherwise accurate calibration. Because these physical characteristics exist, the GAS-CAL software automatically compensates for changes in gas temperature, pressure, viscosity, compressibility, and specific gravity.

GAS-CAL Analysis Screen
Analysis Screen

Reports and Analysis: Standard reports include both on-screen and printed graphical analysis and tabulated data, including calibration data, % error vs. actual flow, and linearity analysis. In addition, all of this data is stored ready for import into other analysis packages, such as spreadsheets and databases.