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Flow Calibration Equipment

flow-cal1 ATC provides innovative flow measurement and calibration products. Our patented Intelligent Gas Flow Sensors (IGFS) and Standards offer solutions for complex flow measurement challenges. Our Micro-Flow Technology for leak testing and calibration has introduced a new dimension in the area of micro-fluid dynamics.

Challenging Precision Gas Flow Measurement Applications

  • Gas mixtures flow measurements.
  • Hot gas flow measurements.
  • Moisturized gas flow measurements.
  • Applications such as Natural Gas flow measurements and control, Fuel Cell performance measurements of gas mixtures, hydrogen and humid gases.
  • Hydrogen and hazardous gas flow measurement and control with Class 1 Div. 1 & 2 design.

flow-cal2In-Line, Nonintrusive Gas Flow Calibration Standards
(Intelligent Gas Flow Standard, the IGFS)

  • Economical solution.
  • 10:1 and 20:1 turn down ratio.
  • Multiple standards design.
  • Volumetric flow measurement as low as 0.6% of reading.
  • Calibration/measurement ranges from 0.005 cc/min to 10, 000 LPM (multiple standards).

Calibrate Leak Devices: Equivalent Channels (EC) – a proprietary micro-machines sized and calibrated to a given diameter and length, along with the resultant gas flow (air, helium, H2) at your test condition.

Equivalent Diameters (ED) – a micro-geometry sized to yield a given flow rate for air, nitrogen helium and other gases at your test conditions.

Gas Flow Calibration Systems: Our GAS-CAL© product line offers an affordable precision gas flow measurement and calibration solution.

Precision Gas Flow Calibration – utilizes Critical Venturi Devices from medium and high-flow ranges and uncertainty of 0.35% of reading (better uncertainty available, consult ATC).

In-Line Portable Liquid Flow Standard: Our FLO-CAL© product line offers you transfer and primary flow standards, automatic flow manifold and data acquisition. Used in automotive, pharmaceutical and aerospace applications.

Primary Gas and Liquid Flow Standards: Primary standards to unprecedented low flow with any gas, and liquids. Consult ATC.

Calibration Services: ATC provides calibration services for your instruments.