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Sharp Edge Orifice and Equivalent Diameter (ED)

Sharp Edge Orifice

Sharp Edge (SE) orifices known also as Equivalent Diameters have length/diameter (L/D) ratio significantly lower than Equivalent Channels. The orifices are encapsulated in stainless steel housing. These products are assembled using advanced micro-fabrication technologies.

Product Usage

Geometric definition of leak tightness – Simple and Unambiguous Specification. Independent of test type, location, temperature, pressure and test fluid!

Each orifice is supplied with:

  • A filter
  • A calibration certificate, NIST traceable
  • ¼” Swagelok female connection

Independent pressure tank is required for stand alone orifices, with controlled pressure range.



  1. Leak flow is measured in actual cc/min or mm3 /min, pressure is in absolute pressure psia. Both are measured upstream (inlet) of the orifice.
  2. Flow rate and orifice sizes are for reference only. Actual value may change from orifice to orifice.
  3. The enclosed data shall not be used for vacuum applications.
    Consult ATC, Inc. ME2 Specifications for vacuum applications.
All products ship fully calibrated. No daily calibration required.