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Advanced ATC Technology / The IGLS Sensor

img01ATC’s Micro-Flow Technology, the Intelligent Gas Leak Sensor (IGLS), introduces a new dimension in leak testing, offering a breakthrough in leak testing with short cycle timetemperature stability, and low measurement ranges using air that in the past could only have been achieved with helium mass spectrometry. The IGLS performs direct and accurate measurements with no need for “daily” calibration, which makes for a cost effective, simple to use leak test instrument with low maintenance.


The IGLS and IMFS sensors are integrated, intelligent micro-flow sensors based on ATC’s patented accelerated laminar flow (ALF) and Knudsen Flow design, measuring flow, pressure and temperature. The IGLS and IMFS are the only existing sensors where the output is proportional to the volume flow in the viscous and slip flow regimes (in pressure from vacuum to high pressure) and proportional to the mass flow in the transitional and molecular flow regimes*. The IGLS includes a built-in micro-processor based leak test controller, which enables direct leak flow measurement.

Mass Extraction

ATC’s Mass Extraction Technology takes advantage of the Micro-Flow phenomena and gas expansion, which occurs while the test is conducted in a vacuum. ATC’s Mass Extraction IGLS/IMFS sensors demonstrate sensitivity similar to most of the helium mass spectrometry (HMS) applications, typically starting from 6×10-7 sccs using air.

Adaptive Test

ATC’s patented Adaptive Test feature enables the IGLS to learn parts signature and dynamically accepts or rejects the unit under test based on statistical consideration. This feature further reduces average cycle time, making ATC’s Micro-Flow Technology the fastest leak test method on the market.

* Viscous, slip, transitional and molecular flow are micro-fluid dynamic terms.

How Does it Work?

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