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Adaptive Test

Adaptive Test Screen
Adaptive Test Report Screen

ATC’s patented Adaptive Test feature enables the Intelligent Gas Leak Sensor (IGLS) to learn parts signature and dynamically accepts or rejects the unit under test based on statistical consideration. The IGLS adapts by learning the behavior of a group of parts, using statistical functions to accept or reject a part in real time. By anticipating the part’s behavior, the IGLS can determine the pass or fail status of the part before the test is completed or continues with the test if the part is marginal. This feature further reduces average cycle time, making the cycle time significantly shorter by 25-40% which increases the throughput.

PC requirements and communication are the same as the Leak-Tek© option.

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Note: The Adaptive Test should only be performed by trained users or ATC’s application engineers. The benefits of Adaptive Test Feature are application dependent.

Print our Adaptive Test Information Sheet – PDF (201K)